Andrea: “Wonderful place to relax, grill, fish, swim and go to Sauna”

Tainan Tupa is a very well maintained, clean and very comfortable mökki. It’s a wonderful place to relax, where you can grill, fishing, go to sauna, swimming in the lake, make a trip with the boat, looking for berries, nordic walking, play mölkky, etc.
Here you can really forget your daily stress.

You’ll have a lot of quietness, a lot of space (in and around the mökki), the comfortable equipment and for sure, the friendly and helpful owners Taina and Vesa.

(I can practise Finnish with Taina )

My biggest surprises were the adventurous forest road to the mökki (really funny after a rainy day) and the enormous size of the house /plot.

This summer we will come for the 5th time and always we have some guests in “our” mökki. Everyone was excited about this wonderful place and the beautiful nature.
So for us, it’s one of the most beautiful places in Finland (and all over the world)!

And wait! There’s more…

-Enjoy romantic night by candlelight, when the power goes out during a storm…..
-Watch animals like “supikoira”, squirrels, woodpeckers, frogs, rabbits and bats that eat stinging mosquitos (fortunately, the mosquitos love our swiss friend of Helsinki, which visits us every year. So he’s our effective mosquito defence)!!! And one cat, our Metti…..
-The long summer days….
-The weather in Finland (serious, no joke)…..
-We love the fresh “herneitä” (it’s very rarely, you can buy the fresh one in Switzerland)
-We like to visit other cities (or villages)…..
-You have so many opportunities for outdoor activities

And cosy evenings with fantastically beautiful sunsets!!!