Sheep farm

Sheep on pasture in Tervalepikon Torpat forest.
Sheep on pasture in Tervalepikon Torpat forest.

Experience an inspiring holiday on a sheep farm

Our 20 sheep graze the traditional biotope pastures next to Villa Ebba. The guests are welcome to take part in the daily tasks such as feeding and caring for the sheep with the assistance of a real pro, our sheepdog Vilja. The host family, Taina and Vesa, will be happy to tell you more about sheep farming. On Tervalepikko farm you’ll be able to experience what life is like on a Finnish sheep farm.

Traditional rural biotope

Our sheep live in their natural habitat such as meadows, pastures and woodlands.

Rural biotopes are environmental regions formed by traditional agricultural practices. The biotopes include meadows, leas and grazed woodlands, which are populated by endangered species. Further information on the special features of the biotopes is available in the cottages or from the host family.

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May we introduce ourselves:


I’m Border Collie Vilja. It is my job is to keep the flock in order. My master Vesa gives me instructions to gather and herd the flock. I just love it! Representing the third generation in my mistress Taina's home, I follow in the footsteps of my forefathers here on Tervalepikko farm.

I was born on December 19, 2000. My name (Vilja means "crop") depicts my nature. I’m independent but yield to my master’s commands.


p class="title" title="PIRPANA">Ear tag number 138

I was born in Toivakka on March 26, 2009. I’m Milli’s half sister and Mimmi’s and Musta’s mother. I have a weakness for handsome rams and luckily I found one, a real Adonis, to be the father for my ewes. Thanks to our genes they are really graceful, those babies of mine.


Ear tag number 1 I’m Mimmi’s twin sister. I saw the daylight a few moments before her – hence the tag number 1. Despite that, we are close friends. Our mother Pirpana lives in our flock too, and is busy keeping an eye on us. We just love playing harmless little pranks when she is not looking.


Ear tag number 2

Born on April 6, 2012, I am Musta’s twin sister. Twin by nature, second by number! My tag number identifies me as one of Taina’s and Vesa’s sheep. Our mother Pirpana we see every day, but our father Adonis we have never met. Maybe it was a holiday romance, who knows...?


span style="line-height: 1.5;">Ear tag number 180 I was born on a sheep farm in Toivakka on April 6, 2000. From there I moved to Tervalepikko to graze the woodland. I belong to the same family as Pirpana and Jazz. A daughter of Miina, I’m also the offspring of the famous Valonkanta family. From my mother I’ve learned how to care for my little ones tenderly. Motherhood is close to my heart!

The flock in the woodlands

We are the flock of sheep living on Tervalepikko farm, grazing the biotope close to Villa Ebba. We are easygoing and sometimes a little timid. We tend to graze as a flock, because it's so nice to have company. We truly value companionship!

JAZZ, the Bellwether

Ear tag number 151

I’m Milli’s and Pirpana’s half sister, the offspring of the famous Valonkanta sheep family. I’m musical and jazz tunes especially make my hooves tap. Because I’m smart and photogenic, I’ve been granted a special duty in the flock. I carry the bell, which makes me the Bellwether and the Leader. My bell is not any old bell but one purchased in Austria. It has quite a sharp sound. Watch out, here we come...