Rye Bread Baking Classes on the Linna Farm

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Come and learn how to make traditional Finnish rye bread (we call it ruisleipä) at Päivi’s bread baking classes on the Linna Farm (Rapalantie 41, 19700 Sysmä).
The base of the Linna rye bread is in the sour dough starter made by Päivi’s mother in 1958. The rye is grown on the farm and milled locally.

You can bake the bread yourself or just observe the baking as Päivi guides you through the magical process that turns flour and water into heavenly food. Come alone or in a small group to experience the authentic atmosphere of bread making. A full day lasts 7-8 hours. You can also come for a shorter period of time just to observe the process.

Normally the classes start in the morning, but nighttime classes are also an interesting experience. I’ll arrange classes according to your wishes. Contact me, and we’ll plan an unforgettable day for you and your friends, preferably September-May. I speak Finnish and some English, bring your own interpreter with you if necessary.

Päivi Linna

Tel. +358 400 204 223
E-mail: paivimlinna@gmail.com
More information http://virtaanlinna.nettisivu.org/
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Prices (incl. vat 24 %):

Full day:
1 student 150 €
2 students 200 €
3 students 230 €

The price includes instruction, baking, rye bread to take back home, light lunch and tasting of freshly baked bread.


1-10 students/150-300 € (from baking to oven approx. 4 hours)
The price includes instruction, baking (if you feel like it), and tasting of freshly baked bread with coffee.

I’d be happy to organize baking classes including additional activities or entertainment according to your wishes.