Wild herb excursions

Freshly gathered wild Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla) leaves
Freshly gathered wild Lady’s Mantle (Alchemilla) leaves

Discover how to find, gather, and use the most common edible and medicinal plants with a professional herbalist. Enjoy the enchanting greenness of Finnish summer, pure and fresh air, and get some gentle exercise while learning about the traditional use and benefits of the marvelous plants that grow wild in our woods and meadows.

The shore of Tainan Tupa cottage.

Wild herbs walk in beautiful surroundings of Tervalepikon Torpat

During a two-hour walk, we’ll wildcraft some plants together , which you can afterwards use for making a nice cup of herbal tea or a beautiful footbath. The plants will be selected with the help of the herbalist according to your state of mind and physical, emotional or mental needs.
Let Lady’s Mantle caress your skin, Yarrow improve immunity, gain strength with Nettle, allow Greater Plantain heal your wounds, Rosebay Willow herb your stomach ache, Raspberry leaves attend to your feminine side, Dandelion enhance your liver and relax with Pineapple/Scented Mayweed.
– and many more according to their natural availability!

The program includes a guided herb walk with professional guide and herbalist.
Group size: 4 -12 persons. With exceptional group sizes, please contact us for quotation.
Duration: 2 hours
Availability: May-September
Languages: Finnish, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Price: 55 € / person

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Wild herbs +: Learn to use wild herbs in practice

In our longer program, after enjoying a nice walk, wildcrafting some plants and learning about their qualities, you can use the plants in either herbal sauna, cooking, making simple natural cosmetics or arts & crafts!

Choose your favourite way of using wild herbs and other elements gathered from the nature among four options:
– Feel the magic of Finnish wild and medicinal plants in a sauna experience conducted according to local Finnish traditions
– Cooking with wild herbs and berries
– Making simple natural cosmetics with wild herbs and berries
– Arts & Crafts with natural materials: make a dream catcher from birch or
willow branches and dried berries

The program includes a guided herb walk with a professional guide and herbalist and a chosen activity from the options above.
Group size: 4 -12 persons. With exceptional group sizes, please contact us for quotation.
Duration: 4 hours
Availability: May-September. Please consult us for an adapted program during other months.
Languages: Finnish, English, French, Portuguese
Price: 85 € / person

Sauna by the shore.

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On the shore of Tainan Tupa cottage.

Barbecue in the rain in summer by Tainan Tupa cottage.